The cool blue cover of the latest IPCC report on the impacts of climate change belies the rather hot stuff within.

First introduced in the third assessment report in 2001, the reasons for concern became well known because of an associated diagram, that became known as the “burning embers”.

Above 2C the report warns these uneven distributions get worse, but they don’t go purple until 5C of warming.

“The colour of the temperature, well I come from Australia and we had to change the colour of our met reporting last year. That in itself also sent a message,” said Habiba Gitay from the World Bank, who contributed to the report.

Name removed from report

The issue of alarmism was raised before the meeting by Prof Richard Tol, an economist who has long been a firm favourite of those who question the scale of climate impacts.

Prof Tol has previously published research showing that climate change may have some benefits at lower levels of warming.

Speaking to the BBC, he said he had asked for his name to be removed from the list of drafting authors as he believed the report was overly alarming.

“We can use approaches to managing climate change as a way to build a better world, a world that is more robust, more secure, more vibrant.

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