A teenage boy fighting a rare cancer was given the ride of his life when he was honoured with a surprise police escort to his school prom. arrived at Kieran Maxwell’s home for his big date.

Kieran, 15, had his leg amputated three years ago, six months after he was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer when he was 12.

Kieran, who beamed with joy throughout the ten-minute journey in the back of a police BMW, said afterwards: It was absolutely incredible.

Ross Parry / SWNS GroupSetback: Kieran Maxwell had to have one of his legs amputated

A police officer, in the one unmarked car got out and asked the teenager: Are you Kieran Maxwell?

I think everyone thought I was very posh when I turned up at school, but I definitely think I got the best ride there.

His mum Nicola Maxwell, 36, said: Our neighbours thought there was a drugs raid going on when all the police turned up on the road.

“It was so lovely to see him being a normal teenager surrounded by his friends,and we’re so grateful to those off-duty police officers who gave up their time to make Kieran feel really special.

Ross Parry / SWNS GroupBlues and twos: Kieran and his date on the way to the prom

She added: He had to rough it on the way home with a trip in a normal car, which I think he was a bit disappointed about!

Kieran said: I would like to thank my support teacher who organised this and wrote to Durham Police.

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